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Police DepartmentServices    May 24, 2016

Test My Teen - At Home Drug Tests Minimize

Must pay shipping and handling.


Additional programs that the Pevely Police Department have are:


Warner's Warm Up - A coat drive that helps deliver winter coats to those who need them.

DEA Drug Take Back - Collection of expired or unused prescription drugs that can be properly disposed of. There is no longer a "special" day every couple of months, the Pevely Police Department collects them everyday.

Toys For Tots - The U.S. Marine Corps toy drive.



CodeRED Weather Warnings - Important information you need to know! Minimize
  • Please add the following numbers to your phone as these are the numbers that will be calling you:

    866-419-5000 or Emergency Comm for Emergency Notifications 
    855-969-4636 or ECN Community for General Notifications 
    800-566-9780 or Emergency Comm for CodeRED Weather Warning Alerts 

  • Emergency Communications Network that runs the CodeRED Weather Warning Alerts re-defines the National Weather Service's weather alert. If your address is not in this new re-defined area you will not receive a phone call alerting you of the weather warning.

  • The Weather Warning system is automated. Dispatchers and Law Enforcment Officers have no control over the calls being sent out. 

The Pevely Police Department members take great pride in providing our citizens with programs that, are designed to help keep them safe and informed. In today's world we must all work together to protect our communities and families. Some of the programs available today are:

  • Vacation Checks
    Pevely residents, we will check your residence to assure that it is secure while you are away on your vacation or trip. Just stop by the police department and fill out a Vacation Check Request Form or print one from our web site, fill it out and drop if off before leaving on your trip.
  • Fingerprinting
    The Pevely Police Department offers free fingerprinting to residents for job application purposes, gun permits and general identification. We are happy to fingerprint your children, so you can keep a set of their fingerprints in your files. Stop by yearly or every couple of years to update their prints. Non-residents will be charged a ten dollar ($10) fee. Fingerprint cards for children are provided, all others must provide the fingerprint card.
  • Neighborhood Watch
    We look forward to assisting neighborhoods in the City of Pevely with starting Neighborhood Watch Programs. This program is designed to teach residents how to watch out for each other, what to look for in their neighborhoods and how and what to report to the police.
  • ID Engraving
    If you would like to have an identification number engraved on your personal property, give us a call for an appointment. Then bring your property item in to be engraved.
  • PR Material
    We have a good amount of Public Relations material available upon request. This includes drug, bicycle, gun, internet for children and general safety material. Most of the material is geared toward children, but some drug and driving material would be good for high school kids and adults.
  • Bicycle Registration
    Pevely residents, bring your child and his or her bicycle by the station and we will record its description and serial number. Then we will provide them with a reflective registration decal for the bicycle at no charge.
  • Records Checks
    We provide local record checks for residents and business applicants, at no charge. (It is important to know, the Pevely Police Department may only release arrest and records information of the Pevely Police Department only.) 

    If you are needing a state background check please visit the Missouri State Highway Patrol's Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division website. 
  • Tours
    We enjoy giving scout, school and group tours of our police department. We will show your group several of the pieces of equipment police officers use on a daily basis and explain what some of the duties of a police officer are.
  • School Walk Throughs
    Our officers walk through our local elementary school on a daily basis. This program provides several benefits. The school children get to see the presence of our officers and become a little more comfortable being around them. The officers' benefit by becoming familiar with the school layout, learning the faces of the staff and students and on many occasions get to stop and talk with staff members and students.
  • VIN Verifications
    We are happy to provide the service of Vehicle Identification Number verification. This service is needed when a vehicle is purchased or sold and a mistake has been made in documenting the correct vehicle identification number. A form is obtained from the Missouri Department of Revenue by the by the vehicle owner or seller and our officers will physically verify the correct numbers on the vehicle and document it on the DOR form. The form is then returned to the Department of Revenue.
  • Police Reports
    Police reports are available at the Pevely Police Department. A $15.00 fee is charged by the City of Pevely for each report copy. (Certain information, such as suspects or arrest information may not be given out until that person has been formally charged with the crime by the prosecuting attorney's office.)

    Accident reports are also available (starting April 2011) at for an additional fee.
    All reports take 7-10 business days to complete. It is suggested that you call (636) 475-4498 to verify that the report is complete.
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