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Police DepartmentChief of Police    November 30, 2015
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Pevely Police Department

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 401 Main Street
Pevely, MO 63070




Hello, my name is Ron Weeks, I serve as the chief of the Pevely Police Department. On behalf of the men and women who serve on the police department, I would like to welcome you to this site. I have served with the Pevely Police Department for over twenty- seven years and like yourself have seen and sometimes been apart of many changes which have occurred in both our city and society as a whole. The law enforcement profession itself has changed dramatically over the years and must continue to do so in order to keep pace with the times we live in. The Pevely Police Department is eager to accept this challenge that modern society presents to each of us.

In order to help meet some of the challenges already presented to us, we have a wide variety of community services available such as neighborhood watches, vacation watches, red ribbon week ceremonies, and TravelSafe Zone, to name a few. One of the goals of the Pevely Police Department is to constantly strive to improve the services that we provide to both the community and citizens we serve, and our employees are diligently working to obtain this goal.

Should you have any suggestions or observations on how to improve the services we provide or improve the relationship we have with our community, please dont hesitate to call me or contact me by email.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy and find our web site helpful.

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